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It seems everyone loves collecting DVDs, stores are full of them and the average consumer owns far more movies on DVD than would have seemed likely in the era of VHS. Unfortunately purchasing a lot of DVDs becomes expensive quite quickly. This guide shows some simple ways of minimizing the amount you spend on a DVD, allowing you to reduce the amount you spend on DVDs or failing that get more DVDs for your money.

The biggest factor in the cost of buying a DVD is age. New release DVDs command a considerable price premium over titles that are six or twelve months old. Consider whether you really need to buy a DVD as a new release. If you’ve already seen a film at the cinema will you be ready to watch it again immediately upon release? If you have a pile of unwatched DVDs could you watch one of them now and purchase the title much cheaper later?

If you’re favorite movie or TV show is released next week you’re probably not willing to wait no matter the potential savings. In that case there are still things you can do to minimize the expense. Odd as it may seem buying a DVD immediately upon its release can save you a considerable amount over buying say a month after release.

The reason for this is simple, the week of release the title will get a lot of attention. Bricks and mortar stores will feature it in there catalogs and online stores will push the title heavily on their sites. This creates a lot of competition from stores all wanting to appear great value to you the customer. They offer you a hot new product at a heavy discount and hope you will buy other less heavily discounted items at the same time.

If you’ve decided not to buy the title the week of release it becomes a waiting game. Eventually the title you want will cost half or maybe a third of its original price. It’s just a matter of trading off how much you’re willing to pay against how long you’re willing to wait. Finding out when the DVD you want is on sale can be tricky. Periodically checking the price at your local DVD retailer or favored online store is effective but can be a little tedious. Instead consider using an online bargain hunting website to help you find which DVDs are on sale at a given time. This will help you ensure you’re always buying your titles at their lowest price since release. Choosing right site or forum to use will depend on which country you live in but Google should help you find something appropriate.

One final method of finding cheap DVDs is to look outside your own country. The same DVD is often priced dramatically differently in different countries. This works best if you own a multi region DVD player, but even if you don’t you can still buy from other countries in the same region. For example Americans can look to Canada for bargain DVDs and people from the UK can look pretty much everywhere in Europe. You’ll need to consider the increased cost of postage but there are often good savings to be made.

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Jan 4

As we know that there are tons of websites offer online movie downloads these days. Order loads of movies with millions of your choices could be possible in just few clicks and movies will be delivered directly to your monitor screen in just couple of minutes. The size and quality of desktop computer and monitor screen have been developed to correspond and accommodate for home theater functions, so you can have 17 inches screen with desktop computer to watch movies that many of online stores try to break technological barrier to beats all kind of multimedia mean available in the market, which are DVDs

So now here is the question about why you would have to go for online movie download. You may not see the good reason why bother online movie download store while you still can watch them from DVDs without any problems. Here are some more information about advantage and disadvantage of online movie download and you may consider whether it is suitable for you.

Is it convenient?

There is no doubt about this issue as we know that it’s is so much convenient to get a movie on your computer. Apart from that when you visit a online store and browsing their category, they generally provide the movie’s synopsis as well as some people may left some constructive review for you to consider whether this movie good or bad. But if you are going to buy a VCD or DVD you have no chance to see whether it’s good or bad until you bought it and watch it at home, of course, that a waste of money in case the movie is bad for you.

Is it cost saving?

Even though these days VCD and DVD movies have been developed a lot in terms of quality and price, you can only buy a master DVD with few bucks. However, compare to movie down load service there are still advantage in terms of economy of scale. For example if you are going to buy 100 of DVD movie titles and it cost $300 in total and suppose you have registered for an online store 1 year subscription with total cost is equal to $300 also but you have UNLIMITED titles to download during the year. So it is really obvious about whether buying DVD or move download is more cost saving and this is not include the money that you have to buy a DVD player too.

Any other issues to concern?

Some body may have a question about other risk that they may have if they turn to use movie online download. As they might out their computer in risk to take harmful viruses and spyware as well as an issue about copy right and other legal problem. We have to admit that these problems still exist for many people who use online movie download service. However, there are some tips to avoid these problems is you have to make sure that you have registered for a trust and reliable provider. You have to make sure that they have policy about anti spyware and virus free guaranteed for customer and well as protection of your personal information such as e-mail address and credit card number.



Dec 17


It’s holiday season, a time of warmth in the middle of the winter chill, a time to share the joys of life with one’s loves ones, a time to rejoice in the festive spirit that lights up even the most disenchanted soul. And thanks to all-new Christmas gift ideas, showering your near and dear with love and warmth has never been so easy.

Forgot to buy a Lego set for your niece? Could not find time to get a box of Swiss chocolates for your fiancée? Or don’t know what to get your mom and dad? Well, no need to panic. With last minute  online shopping, you can afford to put off buying gifts for your friends and relatives. Be it custom-made chocolates and flower bouquets, or exclusive Swarovski jewellery, or accessories like watches, you can get all this and more on websites that sell Christmas gifts.

For those of you who are looking for unconventional options, these websites offer out-of-the-box ideas. You can buy rock posters for teenagers, purses and bags for office colleagues, tennis racquets and basketballs for sports enthusiasts, DVDs and Blu-Rays for movie freaks, or even treadmills for weight watchers. And how about a digital camera for your dad, or an electric chimney for your mom?

Innovative Christmas gift ideas are sure to surprise your friends and family. And personalised gifts like coffee mugs with messages, or painted t-shirts and plates, are ideal for immediate family and close buddies. There are also formal cards that you can send your cousins and friends in faraway lands. Spreading Christmas cheer is now simple as one-two-three. Just log on to your favourite online shopping website, make sure it’s safe to shop with, and choose your gifts. You may also avail of special discounts and combo offers.

Some websites will also offer a basket of gifts for the whole family, with everything from cakes and candles to fragrance and other standard gifts that everyone is bound to love. So now Christmas time need not be a time of frantic trips to the mall to pick up whatever is available after the whole town has already taken their picks. Relax, sit back in your chair and order all you need online.

And when you cannot physically deliver a present to a loved one, you can trust your site to deliver chocolates and flowers to them right on time. Christmas online shopping is a boon for all last-minute shoppers who can now get the best gifts sitting at home.



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Dec 14

One of the smart things a movie enthusiast is to know where to exactly get DVDs at bargain prices or at what must of us call- cheap. When it comes to getting bigger DVD collections for your home entertaining needs or for perhaps, a new start-up business- everything that has to do with wholesale DVDs purchases can be achieved with distributors that sell both in singles or in bulk. You can see such DVD distributors both on eBay and on the Internet in action everyday upon submitting searches on Google or Yahoo. The important thing to recognize here is- many of the so-called DVD cheap prices, are not the lowest prices they can really usually be.

With today wide range of online wholesale DVD store options you can select from a huge amount of sellers online. You can go to eBay right now and get brand new DVDs at good prices, but are eBay prices the best DVD prices you can get on the Internet? I honestly do not think so, they are good prices but I know you can get lower prices for in-demand DVDs. That can be achieved by getting a reliable and profitable DVD wholesale distributor. They are many online selling in bulk and in singles both on eBay and on regular listings both on the search engines. But what happens if you have an Internet store like I do or you perhaps want to add more DVDs to your home entertainment collection? Would you buy from the first distributor that comes up to you and says- I am a distributor? Of course not, you are not a fool- you will only buy from reliable DVD distributors that you can trust your money. So the greatest source you can get a distributor is from a DVD wholesale distributor. A little more on this, later on.

The same applies when starting a retail business with DVDs. By buying wholesale DVDs at bargain prices- you assure yourself of the best sales and, therefore, the greater net profits in return for your sales. To tell you a little more, I started searching the Internet for a wholesale DVD list that can give me the prices I was looking for both my DVD collection and my store on the Internet. I found them, it took me thousands of testing hours to believe, trust and certify as reliable. Best of all, the DVD distributors that I found are profitable- just in case you decide to build a DVD store business in the future either online or offline.

Getting DVDs at cheap prices is achievable. It all depends on what you consider cheap and of quality. I know that I now always buy from distributors that sell quality DVDs at prices that most regular people do not have ideas off. While others are paying for In-demand box office released DVDs at $22.99 plus brand new, online power sellers like me are getting them at up to 96% the regular prices. Getting such prices for DVDs will get you both a really big amount of DVDs and a guaranteed increase in income when buying them at the right time from the right distributors like I do all the time. Wish you the best of luck in your DVD savings.

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Dec 2

As the holiday shopping season dawns on us, we fret about standing in long queues. Hence this is the best time to take advantage of the Internet to avoid crowds and long lines and shop from within the comfort of our homes. Buying online game DVDs is also part of the same process.

A game DVD is something that is an instant hit with not only young people, but is also catching up with almost every generation. It can be a very good gift for the festive seasons or for birthdays and anniversaries. As mentioned earlier, with the onset of online shopping archives, it has now really become a lot easier to buy online game DVDs. Although online shopping may be convenient, be aware that it is necessary to actively safeguard your privacy and financial information when making purchases online.

In order to make your shopping experience a positive one, you should always be on the safe-side. In order to do so, you should firstly always ensure that the website is secure before providing any financial information, such as your credit card or bank account number. Always remember, secured Web sites use encryption to scramble your information as it is transmitted over the Internet.

Still worried whether the URL site is genuine? Look for website addresses preceded by “https”. Whenever possible, consider paying by credit card, which offers additional protection in case of a dispute. If paying by credit card is not an option, request that the goods be sent and make payment by check or money order, which is easier to trace than cash.

One of the advantages of buying online game DVDs is that you get an overview of the chief features of the games on the net. You can go through them and decide which one you would like to buy. Sometimes you might even get to play a sample of the game on the site to make you acquainted with the game before purchasing the DVDs. Getting a prior experience on the new games in the block can help you in making a well informed decision.

While there is no denying the increasing popularity of online sales and shopping, everyone must exercise the same caution they apply to physical world transactions. While shopping online, you may come across some online auction houses. Beware of these, for they only act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers of game DVDs and do not get involved in arranging for shipment and payment. Be sure to inquire about such arrangements in advance.

Also, online auction houses often will not resolve disputes. Consider using an escrow service, which can minimize your risk. But if you still have to deal through an online auction house, then check the feedback areas of online auction sites. They are usually a good source for knowing about other buyers’ past experiences with the seller. This can make your effort worthwhile.

Try and establish a verbal contact with a seller prior to agreeing to the purchase. Once you have a verbal conversation with the dealer, you can easily understand the nature of the dealer.

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Nov 16

If you are a avid movie fan then you probably enjoy renting DVD movies. However, renting online rather than shops is fast becoming the most popular method for movie lovers. If you are unsure of renting your DVD movies on the internet, then here is a quick guide to doing so.

The Cost of Online Rentals

There are many different online rental services available, and the costs will always vary. They all offer various different packages and membership levels to suit different needs and budgets. For example, you may choose the lowest membership price which allows you to rent one DVD movie at a time. You may also find the most expensive packages allow you to rent perhaps 8-10 or even an unlimited number of DVD movies a month.

Waiting for Your Movie

Perhaps online DVD movie rental does not seem like a good idea due to the waiting times. However, you can choose your rental picks up to months in advance and the service will deliver them whenever you have a free rental slot open. This will work out even more speedy than rental stores, as you will no longer have to drive to pick up your titles or worry about them being in stock. Most services will use fast shipping to make sure your DVD movies are always delivered on time.

Watch Movies Instantly

Though all movies can be delivered as DVDs, rental services nowadays are also offering instant online movie viewing. This means that you do not need to wait for your disc to arrive in the mail. Rather you can start watching movies at the click of a button! The number of movies you can watch as part of your membership will vary, as will the movie titles available via this method.

Buy Discounted DVDs

As well as rentals, most online services will also give you the option to purchase DVDs directly from their website. You can usually make big savings here since these DVD movies have been used before and as such are greatly reduced in price. You could be saving around half the cost of the brand new DVD, which is great if you come across a movie that you feel like watching over and over again.

Movie Reviews and Recommendations

Movie rental services can even send you personalised recommendations to help you discover new movies. This is great for movie lovers, though if you want to choose the movies yourself then simply read the reviews to decide on which movies to watch. These sites benefit from both official and user reviews to help you make your decision. Online reviews and rental services can really open your eyes to movies you would never have considered before.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using an online DVD movie rental service over a traditional store, and it is extremely easy to get started and benefit from the great choice available! Many of these rental services even offer a free trial so you can decide for yourself whether the service is right for you.

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