Christmas Shopping: Do it Online, Do it Easy


It’s holiday season, a time of warmth in the middle of the winter chill, a time to share the joys of life with one’s loves ones, a time to rejoice in the festive spirit that lights up even the most disenchanted soul. And thanks to all-new Christmas gift ideas, showering your near and dear with love and warmth has never been so easy.

Forgot to buy a Lego set for your niece? Could not find time to get a box of Swiss chocolates for your fiancée? Or don’t know what to get your mom and dad? Well, no need to panic. With last minute  online shopping, you can afford to put off buying gifts for your friends and relatives. Be it custom-made chocolates and flower bouquets, or exclusive Swarovski jewellery, or accessories like watches, you can get all this and more on websites that sell Christmas gifts.

For those of you who are looking for unconventional options, these websites offer out-of-the-box ideas. You can buy rock posters for teenagers, purses and bags for office colleagues, tennis racquets and basketballs for sports enthusiasts, DVDs and Blu-Rays for movie freaks, or even treadmills for weight watchers. And how about a digital camera for your dad, or an electric chimney for your mom?

Innovative Christmas gift ideas are sure to surprise your friends and family. And personalised gifts like coffee mugs with messages, or painted t-shirts and plates, are ideal for immediate family and close buddies. There are also formal cards that you can send your cousins and friends in faraway lands. Spreading Christmas cheer is now simple as one-two-three. Just log on to your favourite online shopping website, make sure it’s safe to shop with, and choose your gifts. You may also avail of special discounts and combo offers.

Some websites will also offer a basket of gifts for the whole family, with everything from cakes and candles to fragrance and other standard gifts that everyone is bound to love. So now Christmas time need not be a time of frantic trips to the mall to pick up whatever is available after the whole town has already taken their picks. Relax, sit back in your chair and order all you need online.

And when you cannot physically deliver a present to a loved one, you can trust your site to deliver chocolates and flowers to them right on time. Christmas online shopping is a boon for all last-minute shoppers who can now get the best gifts sitting at home.



Tina Hope

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  1. Mama J. Says:

    Would shopping online at Ebay 4 my children’s Christmas be a good idea?
    I am thinking about shopping online at Ebay for Christmas because I checked out the website and see lots of things on my kids Christmas wish lists for much cheaper than in the stores. Has anyone shopped on Ebay and actually recieved what they ordered and were happy with it? Did you get robbed, never saw what you paid for? I am nervous about that happening, because it seems like it would be an easy thing to happen. Just wondering what others experiences were with things like this?

  2. Forever & a day... Due March 12 Says:

    I have only ever had good experiences with Ebay and it sounds like it could be a cheaper alternative for you.. Give it a try =]

    Good luck xx
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  3. dylansmom25 Says:

    Ebay is generally pretty safe.. I have bought things on their several times. My mom did everything online last year.. just pay attention to the shipping charges.. (if they seem kinda high they probably are) some sellers try to make a profit on shipping..
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  4. Lazy Kitty Says:

    You should look at the seller’s feedback rating to be more sure of how they did business before. Also, it would help if the pictures they provide are actual pictures of the item they have and not one that they took from another website. I have bought a lot of items from eBay, some have been as advertised, some not as good. You should use PayPal to pay because if sellers don’t ship the item or not like they state, you can file a claim and often you will get your money back.
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  5. Renesmee C Says:

    I am not sure about Ebay, but is where I normally shop on line, and I am very happy with my order when it arrives. You can try Ebay, but I think I would go with But only if they have what you need.
    I hope this was helpful, good luck!
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  6. Hubba_Hubba_Hippo Says:

    well as a seller – I say yes!

    I sell old video games (good quality) tell all faults in the item you send the money you get item + first class shipping and delivery confirmation. I have 100% positive feedback.

    basicaly to be safe check sellers history if they have a 99% or better (w/ no problems in the last year go for it)

    though i personaly love christmas shoppers on ebay (i am a tad bias though)
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  7. islandmommy Says:

    We have had many good experiences with EBay! for a while I think I was addicted!

    You just have to make sure you check seller feedback. If they have good ratings then go for it!

    Some examples of our purchases on EBay…
    stroller, crib bedding, jackets, baby tux, adult suit, etc.

    We have gotten some good deals. All of the stuff we ordered were new. I compared prices everywhere and couldn’t find a better deal.

    In the past 2 years we have made 37 purchases and only one of them turned out bad… the product was crappy.
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  8. ?Southern Mama is due June 14th? Says:

    I think it would be fine – just see what percentage of positive ratings they have and go from that. I have bought a lot for my kids this year on Good luck!
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    Mommy to 2 & pregnant

  9. Lisa Says:

    I’ve never had a bad experience, but you need to really check out the people you’re buying from. If they don’t have 100% feedback or have a low number of feedback, you really need to be careful. Make sure you buy everything at least a month before Christmas to make sure it arrives on time as well. Make sure you pay using PayPal with a credit card for the most protection.
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    Am a buyer and seller on Ebay for many years.

  10. cathrl69 Says:

    I’ve bought hundreds of things on ebay and never been ripped off – but you have to be cautious and aware. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Brand new plasma TVs for a fraction of their true value are basically always scams. So don’t buy them. But buckets of Lego being sold because a child’s outgrown them are most unlikely to be anything other than genuine.
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